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Your plan is going to stay several years in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam and need a nice property for you and your family. CITIHOUSE where you can find the best houses, apartments, villas or offices for rent  with free of charge services from us so that you can live this experience in the best possible conditions.

We offer the residential property guide in Ho Chi Minh City with great information directory for expatriates living in or relocating to Vietnam especially in Ho Chi Minh City.


What do we do to help you find a right property?

Our website offers online properties, listings of houses and apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Beware, for confidentiality reasons, we don't provide all our options online, We highly recommend you to enter your criteria on the housing request.

After receiving your enquiry, we will contact you shortly to have a tour with us to see many more options. During the tour with us, you can let us know if you want to have an overview or if you want to stick with your selection.

Do the tenants have to pay us any cost?

The answer is NO. We are here to serve you with all our hearts. When you contact and make a tour with us for checking the properties. The tour is free of charge. It usually take a time before you can have the right idea about the market and choose the final house. Once you are decided, you will need to pay a booking deposit to book your option.

We will help you to prepare a contract that will be fair for you and your landlord. You can bargain with the landlord about the rate or anything. You don’t have to pay us for any charges because we have an exclusive contract with the landlord and we got commission form them already.

Note: Because our website is daily updated, we can not ensure that all properties posted online are available at the time of request (due to quick market change). Therefore, the best & fastest way to rent your residency and commercial properties is to contact us by email, office visit or simply giving us a call.

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Apartments for rent in district 1 Located at 101 Hoang Hoa Tham Street - Ward 13 - Tan Binh Dist - HCM City - Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, VN. Reviewed by More 1790 customers. Rated: 9/ 10 (Excellent)
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